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When people are considering whether or not to get a personal trainer, cost is usually a big factor in their decision. However, it’s my firm believe that money shouldn’t get in the way of leading a healthy, active lifestyle. That’s why I offer four different plans and price options to suit any budget and timescale: one-off personal trainer taster sessions, as well as 5-, 10- and 20-session bundles. Sessions are priced per person, but your first consultation is totally free – so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to book your FREE consultation and see what having a PT is all about.


A personal trainer costs both time and money, but the rewards can be immense. Most people who work with a trainer quickly realise how much more they achieve when someone else is encouraging and motivating them, as well as working in harmony with them to create a specialised, effective training regime.

Great Value

If you know you want a trainer helping you over a longer period of time, then my bundles offer better value for money. They’re great for anyone starting a new exercise regime or those who need a little extra motivation to keep pushing themselves. My best-value bundle is for 20 personal training sessions, with the cost working out at just £20 per visit.

Try First

I offer one-off sessions to give people a taste of what’s involved, so they can see whether using a personal trainer is a cost-effective answer to their fitness needs. If you know you want a trainer helping you over a longer period of time, then my bundles offer better value for money

Times to suit You

Workouts don’t need to be booked on a regular basis, although this is the preferred method for most people as it keeps them focused and on track. You can easily vary the days and times of your sessions to suit your schedule – although remember to book in advance where possible, as I can’t guarantee availability at the last minute.

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Paul has helped me lose so much weight. When I started training I was just over 18 stone and now I am 14 stone and looking and feeling so much better in myself and no longer feel out of breath. If you want a trainer who will put you to your potential then give Paul a try.

SImon Edwards

“I know that every time I go to a session, Paul is glad to see me. He never makes me feel guilty if I’ve had a week off, or indulged a bit at the weekend; instead, we’re just straight back into the regime, always making me go that little bit further. People have already started to comment on how much better and healthier I look, and I’ve only been five times. I used to wonder if a personal trainer was worth the cost, but now there’s no doubt in my mind – yes.”

Alex Peters

“Paul is always on hand to answer questions, or to help with a new exercise. He’s great for motivation, always pushing you to try your hardest and never letting you give in and give up. Since I started working with him I’ve managed to lose the extra pounds that I gained over the winter, and now I’m looking to tone up ready for summer. I’ve achieved far more with Paul than I could have done alone.”

Andris Davin




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Saturday-Sunday : 9am – 5pm

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