Questions Answered

Please see our payment and refund policies. If you have any questions about payments and refunds please contact us.

How do I pay for my sessions?
I currently accept cash, cheques, PayPal and contactless payment methods upon arrival at the gym. If you are taking your sessions on a regular, long-term basis it may also be possible to set up a standing order to cover the costs of each training session.
Do I need to live locally to buy a bundle?
Bundles can be bought as gifts for someone living nearby, or you can buy them for yourself. Although I am based in Derby, the gym is within easy distance of many towns and villages in the surrounding area, but if you’re not sure whether you’re close enough to make the commute worthwhile, try a taster session on for size, and use that to help you judge.
Can I book for more than 20 sessions?
Unfortunately, at the moment 20 is the maximum number of workouts you can book in advance. This is to ensure every client has the opportunity to book a time slot to suit them, and also to ensure that should issues arise which mean you cannot attend, for instance injury or a clash of personal commitments, you have not paid for many tens of sessions you then cannot use.
I’ve bought a bundle – how long is it valid?
Bundles are fairly flexible, so it’s essentially up to you when it gets used. We don’t recommend booking more than 2 personal training appointments per week, but if you’re in need of short-term results – or, conversely, know what you’re doing and just want occasional check-ins – then sessions can be booked on a more or less regular basis, subject to availability. However, bundles do need to be used within 12 months of original purchase date, so don’t delay too much!
I’ve missed a session – can I get a refund?
At the moment I do not offer a refund policy on bundles for those who try a personal trainer and decide it’s not for them. If you’re unsure if a PT is the answer, try a taster session to see if the concept appeals before you commit to multiple visits.

However, for anyone who sustains an injury part-way through a bundle, I will try to either postpone your remaining sessions until you have regained full fitness, or offer a refund on the cost of the remaining PT appointments. Please note, though, that any refund is at my discretion, according to circumstances.