Looking for a fun, friendly personal trainer in Derby?

Then look no further, because I’m here to support you every step of the way towards your fitness goals, and give you the best personal training experience that money can buy.

My name is Paul, and I’m a personal trainer for Derby and the surrounding area, working with the local community to help develop positive attitudes to health and exercise, as well as supporting people to achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re just starting out on the path to a happier you, or you’ve been working out for years, I’m on hand to make sure you get the best out of every session and ensure you set realistic, achievable and worthwhile targets.

Speaking of commitment – in my line of work you meet all kinds of people, and it’s obvious when people are dedicated to their goal, whether that be weight loss, weight gain, toning up or simply maintaining their ideal weight. If that sounds like you, then a personal trainer can go a long way to helping you attain your goal, through support, shared effort and humour.

So if you’re looking to ramp up the power of your push-ups, or crank things up on those kettle bells, your very own Derbyshire personal trainer is on hand to help out.

I work with both men and women, tailoring fitness packages to suit each person’s individual requirements and suggesting exercises to suit your unique physique. The gym in Derby where I work as a trainer is also unisex, although during mentor sessions I only ever work on a 1:1 basis with you. It’s a fantastic, friendly, welcoming environment where everyone appreciates that you’re there to become healthier, no matter your starting point, and that your commitment to improving yourself deserves respect.

What does personal training in Derby involve?

There’s a common misconception that personal trainers (often referred to as PTs) are only for people with lots of money or with a real dedication to fitness and wellbeing. That’s simply not true. Trainers are there to support each individual person to become fitter and more active, regardless of how often they go to the gym or how much weight they want to lose. In fact, fitness training often involves helping people to gain weight, through muscle toning and strength exercises.

Subsequent sessions will help monitor your progress, keep you motivated, and allow me to tweak your regime as needed to suit your strengths and weaknesses as time goes on. I make it my aim, as your trainer, to personalise each fitness plan to the utmost degree, allowing you to gain the greatest sense of achievement in the shortest time.

Of course, being a personal fitness instructor doesn’t magically solve everyone’s issues – you’ll still need to work hard and stay on course at home if you want your training to pay off! So as part of your Derby PT sessions, I can offer advice on the best foods to eat to give you more energy for workouts, as well as suggest foods to snack on, or avoid completely, to enhance your success.

In my well-equipped gym here at Derby, I’m able to give you a full fitness trainer service, from designing exercise regimes to giving advice about healthy eating and how to manage your wellbeing at home as well as during workouts.

Your first session involves discussing your current habits – both in terms of exercise and food – and the goal you’d like to set yourself. You’ll also be introduced to the gym equipment, if you’re not already familiar with it, and we’ll work together to design a personal training regime for you to follow. This often is based around a few core pieces of equipment, with recommended weights, duration and/or repetitions of the exercise.

Is a Derby personal trainer the right option for me?

With the right attitude and the right rapport, personal training for the people of Derby is sure to do wonders. But before you dive straight in, take a few minutes to evaluate what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. As I’ve said before, PTs are able to make a huge difference to your fitness frame of mind, but even we can’t achieve the impossible.

So before lunging into the unknown, ask yourself these four questions:

1. What is my aim?

Am I looking to lose or gain weight? How much? Do I want to tone up or slim down, or build muscle strength? Or am I hoping to achieve a combination of these?

2. What is my time frame, and is it practical?

Do I have an important event that is my goal? Am I looking for a quick fix or a long-term lifestyle change? And can I realistically achieve my goals in that time? A stone in 2 weeks is going to be a push, but a few pounds is easier. Equally, long-term goals such as significant weight loss are more than attainable.

3. How much time can I commit?

Am I going to be able to attend weekly (or more frequent) sessions? Is it possible for me to find time during the week to work out at home, and do I have any commitments which might conflict with my workouts? If you like the idea of having a PT, but can actually only commit to one session a month, then most of your exercise is going to be done under your own steam – are you motivated enough to keep up? And if you don’t live or work close to Derby, can you make time for the commute?

4. Are you prepared to make the changes needed?

If I need to change my diet – the way I eat, and the things I eat, am I OK with that? It’s surprising the number of people who sign up for personal training, and are given meal suggestions, only to ignore them completely, believing that gym sessions once a week will give them the total body revamp they’re seeking. If this is a longer-term prospect, you need to be able to stay the course both physically and nutritionally.

If you’ve managed to answer all these questions confidently, and you understand what’s involved, then getting yourself a personal trainer from one of Derby’s top gyms is next on the list.

I’m from the Derbyshire area and I want a personal trainer – how do I sign up?

Once you’re sure of what you want out of the experience, take a look at my pricing page for information on the different sign-up options. Then simply get in touch to arrange your first consultation meeting at your local Derby gym!

I’ve had plenty of experience as a trainer for both men and women, supporting them to achieve their health and fitness goals, and I’m looking forward to helping you make positive lifestyle changes whatever your current situation.

So whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds for a special occasion, hoping to bulk up a bit, or you’re seeking a change in attitude towards exercise and healthy living, get yourself your very own personal trainer from Derby and discover just how much we can achieve together.